Friday, November 16, 2007

Big Crash

Today we were involved in a major accident, here is our story...

We were about to arrive at the corner when we saw a big loaded cargo truck coming at us, David tried to get as close the curb as possible but there was really no place to go. The truck hit our back tire area first which caused us to flip around and then his back tire took out the front of the truck. Amazing that no windows were broken and none of us were hurt. We have minor aches but nothing serious. Rebekah, Abigail and Jacob were in the back seat. Needless to say our trip to town to buy shoes for them never happened. David just got home from the police station. The accident happened at 11:50 this morning and it is now 8:30. He is eating his first meal since breakfast. With all the pressure of all the paperwork, etc. he had no appetite anyway. Since Jacob hit his head, my neck is sore and David's elbow hurts we all had to have xrays to rule out problems.Tthe xrays were all fine. David had to have a breathalizer and blood alcohol level done, that was 6 hours after the accident! There was another car also hit but not nearly the damage we had. The red truck in the pictures is the one who hit us, he is very big, especially when he is coming at you fast! He says his brakes went out but some are doubting that, his truck will have to be checked out to see if that was true.

We are praising God that no one was hurt, it could have been deadly. It has been a great teaching moment for the children. We also have many opportunities to speak about God and his care. We are thankful that our lives are in His hands.

We could use your prayers in the next few days as the legal work continues. David will need lots of wisdom and patience.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My teenage daughter

Happy Birthday, Rebekah
David and I now have 2 teenagers. Benjamin and Rebekah. Rebekah turns 13 today. It has been a fun day for her. Her theme was horses. She desires very much to own a horse of her own. As you can see in the pictures there were horses on the table, pictures on the walls and a special gift with horses on it. Rebekah has a sweet spirit and is a big help at home. I am so thankful for her. The green I Hate School shirt is from her sister. While she doesn't hate school she thought it was a fun shirt. She only "hates"math.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jacob Sleeping

Touchdown Purdue!
I love to see my children sleeping so peacefully. I know that every parent enjoys watching their children sleep. Here is a recent picture of Jacob sleeping. Now just why is he sleeping in that position? How can he sleep like that? I would wake up with both arms asleep and with pain!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Algebra!!?? I think I am about to go crazy! Teaching this Algebra is wearing on me. Today had to be the worst day. When the teacher doesn't get it, it is worse for the students. Anyway, step by step we are figuring it out. I didn't like it in Jr. High, now...well...I must admit, I usually find it fun. Today wasn't one of those days. I won't be teaching this again for 3 years, hopefully I can remember how to do it when that time comes again. I don't want to relearn it for the 3rd time in my life.