Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day at Home

What a wonderful day!! We didn't even get into the van today. We did some household chores, watched a couple of videos, walked/biked/scootered to the park, worked puzzles, scrapbooked (that would be me who did that), watched some football, played on the computer (Ben did that), played tents in the girls' room, did a bit of get the idea. It was just REALLY nice. We are ready to worship tomorrow!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Creating Indiana

Today Jacob's fourth grade class worked in groups to make playdough models of the state of Indiana. They are studying Indiana history this semester. It was a great project and really helped them visualize the major rivers, major cities, high and low points of Indiana. There were a few of us moms that came to help the different groups.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eagle Volleyball

Today Abigail received her jr high volleyball uniform. She is excited and nervous. Of course she is pretty short so I doubt she will be spiking the ball but she is willing to do her best. Tomorrow is her first game. A full day of school, volleyball scrimmage and then homework left her completely exhausted. All the children had a good day full day of school.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jacob's First Day of School

Faith Christian Eagles
My baby started fourth grade today. Okay, so he probably wouldn't appreciate my calling him my baby, but, oh well, he is. He did great! It helps that his best friend is in his class and he already knows other boys from his Sunday School class. His teacher is Karen Musser, she was Rebekah's 4th grade teacher on our last furlough.

Dressed for school and ready to go

On Monday he got to go to his classroom, put his supplies in his desk and see his room.

After getting Jacob off to his classroom, Abigail took a few minutes to decorate her locker. The girls are very excited about having a locker, a new thing for homeschool kids. They can only decorate the inside of their lockers. I am sure Rebekah will do hers tomorrow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on Dad/Grandpa

Yesterday Dad S. had an angioplasty done. He did well and is now recovering. They must do it quite differently than they do here since he has quite a bit of pain afterwards and has to spend 2 nights in ICU, hmmm... He has been doing his exercises twice a day and is REALLY ready to get on with life. For those of you that know him, this lying in bed stuff just isn't him! We have enjoyed getting to skype with he and mom a few times. Tonight David skyped with 2 of our deacons at Victory Baptist, they are carrying along in the absence of both of their pastors, what a blessing. They (the congregation) are concerned about dad's financial bills. We are so thankful that the home office of BMM has already taken care of their needs and insurance will pay 100% of their bills. Mom and Dad will be in Lima until the 29th of August. Please keep praying.

On the home front we enjoyed a full day of soccer and volleyball. Faith Christian invited 3 other teams to join them in a jamboree today. Benjamin got quite a bit of playing time and even scored 2 goals! He is still getting used to playing on such a large soccer field. Rebekah also became part of the varsity team today, she is working at the stats table. She is pleased to be part of the group since she really can't participate with her hand not up to par. Abigail started 7-8th grade volleyball practice this week. All 3 have games next Friday! Should be fun. I am officially a soccer mom!! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A neat waterfall in PA, it was dark by the time we finally made it to the falls.
It was a nice hike, although bad for my feet!

Our home away from home

Our first weekend setting up our display. It is nice having older children!!

Fun times at the campground.

New clothes (well, new to us anyway) from a family in PA. Thanks!!

We had a great time on our trip to PA, MD, BMM home office and back to IN. It was a whirlwind trip but we had some good family times.

We have been camping since that is so much cheaper than hotel rooms. Of course, it require a TON more stuff like sleeping bags, tents, food, etc. but we have been enjoying it. Of course one night the temperature was down in the upper 40's so no one slept well that night :)

We are now home for a couple of weeks. School starts on Monday and Benjamin has soccer practice every day for 3 hours. His first game is this Saturday. He also had a meeting this evening for those who are helping with Wednesday Night Kids of Faith classes. He is working with the little guys.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

News from Home/Noticias de Casa

Well, it's official...Benjamin is on the varsity soccer team. He is quite pleased and will be playing mid-field. He also got his contacts today. Good thing he did since he got hit hard in the face today with the ball. He is still sore in his legs but that will pass.

Bueno, es oficial...Benjamín es parte del equipo de futbol en su colegio. Está muy contento porque está jugando en la media cancha. También recibió sus lentes de contacto y en buena hora siendo que recibió una pelotaza en la cara hoy día. Sus piernas siguen doliendole pero eso pasará.

David's dad will be flying to Lima tomorrow morning where an ambulance will pick him up and take him to the clinic and then that afternoon they will run the thorough exams (angiogram...) to identify the problem and damage done to his heart tissue. We have talked to him twice and each day he sounds stronger. He was having a deacon's meeting from his hospital bed tonight! My mother in law will be flying with him.

El papá de David estará volando mañana a Lima donde una ambulancia le llevará a la clinica donde van a tomor sus estudios para identificar la zona afectada en su corazón. La Hermana Evelyn le va a acompañar. Hemos hablado con él dos veces y cada vez parece que es más fuerte. Tiene reunión de diáconos en el hospital esta noche!

Tomorrow we make our way to Pennsylvania for our co-workers wedding. Stan and Ruth get married on Saturday. Sunday we have a meeting at Anchor Baptist Church in Maryland. We are looking forward to seeing Pastor Counterman and his wife again. Pastor has been to Peru MANY times and has stayed in our home several times also. We will be back in Lafayette in Tuesday evening next week.

Mañana empezmos nuestra jornada al estado de Pennsylvania para la boda de nuestro compañero de misión. Stan and Ruth se casarán el Sábado. El domingo tenemos cultos en la Iglesia Bautista Anchor con el Pastor Andy Counterman. Estamos con ganas de ver a los Counterman siendo que el Pastor ha venido al Perú muchas veces y varios veces quedó en nuestra casa. Estaremos en casa el día martes, Dios mediante.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Even Better/ Aún Mejor

Dad S. is now in a regular room and is strong enough to walk to the bathroom alone. He sounded good on the phone when David and Jacob talked to him. He will be there 2-3 more days before being transfered to Lima.
Pastor Esteban salió de cuidados intensivos y está en un cuarto normal en la clínica. Ya tiene suficiente fuerza para caminar al baño. David y Jacob le habló por teléfono y el pastor suena bien. Estará en la clínica 2-3 dias más y después irá a Lima para más analisis. Gracias por sus oraciones.
Benjamin had his second day of soccer practice today. He would really like to play on the varsity team but as a sophomore it could go either way, varsity or JV. He was super sore this morning when he got up. In Peru they play soccer on a cement slab that is small than a basketball court so this playing on a regulation sized field is more difficult. He is enjoying it though. Today they did more drills and didn't actually play each other. Benjamin, Rebekah and Abigail also had a jr/sr high picnic for the new students. All the new students have been partnered with a "old" student to aid them in getting around, etc. They had a great time. Our school schedule life has already begun :) School supplies are purchased, oh my, what a job! Since Dad S. is doing better we plan to leave Friday for Stanley Templeton's wedding in the Philidelphia area and then to visit a church in MD on Sunday. We will be home again on the 12th after visiting the home office of BMM.
Benjamín tuvo su segundo día de futbol hoy. Le gustó mucho pero está con dolores en sus piernas siendo que está acostumbrado a jugar en la canchita del seminario y no en la cancha grande. Hoy ensayaron mucho y no jugaron pero lo disfrutó. Benjamín, Rebekah, y Abigail tuvieron un picnic para los alumnos nuevos de la secundaria. Cada alumno nuevo tiene su pareja para guiarle y hacerle sentir más cómodo. Tuvieron un tiempo excelente. Nuestra horario con el colegio ya empezó y las clases todavía ni empieza! Las clases empiezan el 18 de agosto. Hemos comprado sus útiles, que trabajo y gasto!! Siendo que mi suegro está mejore, estamos planeando viajar el viernes a la boda de Pastor Stanley y a la iglesia Anchor con el Pastor Andy Counterman el domingo. Estaremos en casa de nuevo el 12 de agosto.
Niagara Falls/Las Cataratas de Niagara

The grilling chef/El Chef de la Parrilla

Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on Dad S.

"I'm fine as frog's hair," that is what Dad S. said yesterday. Indeed he is much better and was to be moved to a regular room today. Many questions remained unanswered and we are still hoping for a transfer to Lima to investigate what all has happened and the best treatment plan. Thank you for your prayers, our church people at Victoria have really been by mom's side and we hear it is drawing them (the congregation) even closer. The leaders in the church have stepped up to the plate and are doing the teaching and preaching. God is so good!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dad/Grandpa Stilwell

Dear Faithful Stilwells in Peru followers. This seems to be the season for medical problems in the Stilwells clan! Yesterday we received word that David's dad had suffered a heart attack. Today we found out that he also has diabetes. We are thankful that he is doing better today although still very concerned about his condition. As you know from following Rebekah's story, medical care in Peru (Trujillo at least) is slow. With heart issues you can't act slow, they just don't know that yet! Hopefully he will be flown to Lima on Monday to undergo further testing, please pray toward that end and that he will have a restful weekend. Please pray for Mom as she takes care of him, buys medicines, etc. that she would get sufficient rest. Please pray for Jon (David's brother) as he takes care of both of them :) As a family we were in Niagra Falls when we received the call, today we all decided that we would rather be at home where we can more effectively communicate with Peru and where we could more quickly be ready to fly to Peru if needed. It is so good to know God is in control. Dad (65 years old) has always been very active and healthy so we were quite surprised with the call. Thank you for your faithful prayer for our family over the past several months. You are such a blessing to us.