Friday, October 29, 2010

This week in pictures

Elías - Dean of students at the Bible college
Enoc - president of the Bible college

David and Ben playing a duet on Monday night

Rebekah and her friends Rode and Margot and their silly pastor in the background

Rebekah and her best friend Margot. They have been friends since they were small.

The señoritas with Pastor David at the youth meeting/birthday party
The young men with Pastor David

Seminary traveling choir - see Ben in the back row?

Strawberries are now $.35/pound, big, beautiful, and delicious

The November birthdays: Steve, Mark, David and Natalia

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Happy Birthday to David: Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Pastor, Professor, and Best Friend. We love you!

A young David Allen Stilwell

On the college soccer team with his brothers
Our engagement picture
Our wedding day

Daddy and Benjamin

Daddy and Rebekah

Daddy and Abigail

David and Jacob

Father and Son

Pastoring the children in the church


Preaching at a family conference

Professor (actually translator here)
Having fun with the family

My Best Friend

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I love this picture.

Beautiful inside and out.

Showing her silly side :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

We taught

We usually had over 60 adults each night.
David spoke 1 1/2 hours Monday through Sunday nights. Except for Wed when we showed the Fireproof video. On Sunday morning he spoke for 3 hours. Whew! It was a great family conference, so many needs.

I spoke to the ladies twice. Once on what to do with your children during the service and then on raising young children.

Rebekah and Ben each taught a lesson every night. Abigail and Jacob were on crowd control. We were told they would have 15 children, they had 30. They had the children for 1 1/2 hours while their dad taught. On Sunday morning they really had to scramble to keep them busy since they had them for 3 hours. It was such a blessing to serve together as a family. While we met in the new church the children met in the old church which was just one big room. We had originally planned to split them up into groups but that wasn't possible.

Ben teaching.

What we did in CP 11

Our children taught the children's class every night and on Sunday, they had 40 children for
1 1/2 hours each class. Whew!
We played and sang specials as a family
The children and David swam in the canal. Jacob has a rope tied around his waist to keep him from getting swept downstream. This activity made mommy nervous but daddy was there watching.

Jumping from the bridge into the water. It was very hot so the cool water was the best way to cool off.
David and Ben played specials also.

The Week of Ministry

CP 11 is a farming community coop. Everyone is a farmer. They farm passion fruit, lemons, rice, tamarind. They all raise chickens, turkeys, goats, cows, etc. Since there are no refridgerators, we had fresh meat every day, yummy. Electricity just came to the town the day we arrived, what a blessing! Soon there will be refridgerators. Soon they will be more influenced by the world via tv. They all get up at 5:30 to head out to their fields. Uhhh...we didn't :)
A huge dam
Harvesting passion fruit, they harvest up to 2 tons per week!

Okay, you know what this is :)

We ate several meals with this husband and wife. Great people! They have been married 9 years and are still waiting on a child. Please pray for them, they are Hermedes and Carolina.

Having school.

The canal that provides the water for everything. Bathing, flushing, cooking, swimming, etc...

The pastor's house. Everything is from mud brick which keeps the house cooler in the hot temps.

The backyard, corral, etc.

The kicthen.

Our bedroom. Notice the mosquito netting. There are gazillions of those critters. Most people use the netting in order to sleep at night.