Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Missions Conference

David is enjoying a missions conference at Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale, AZ this week. This has been one of our supporting churches for many years. Thanks Northwest Valley! He is involved with several other missionaries and is enjoying his time there. We miss him and wish we could have accompanied him but that would have meant several days out of school for the children. Tomorrow he will be having lunch with my brother Blaine and his family. Another reason we would have liked to have gone with him. He will return to Lafayette on Monday. Oh by the way, he flew to Arizona.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

Friday night was an interesting night at our home. Benjamin was at a tournament at Maranatha Baptist Bible College (they ended up as champions!), Abigail was at a retreat, and Jacob was at a campout with his Wednesday night clubs class. That left Rebekah here alone. David decided to invite her out on a date. She was so excited. When she was ready to go, he disappeared outside but soon we heard the doorbell ring, it was her daddy at the door with a bunch of carnations for her. He said he was here to pick up his date. He had picked up the flowers in the morning after dropping them off for school. Now she was super excited. She got to choose what to do so they went putt-putting and then to Subway. We are all thankful for such a great dad!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good friends

Ben and Chris have been friends since they were very small. Chris is a MK in Lima Peru while Ben in an MK in Trujillo Peru. They are together only 2 weeks out of the year but are still good friends. This picture was taken at Stan and Ruth's wedding in August. Chris and his parents Diane and Allen Frey are good friends of ours and are also on furlough this year. They furlough in northern Indiana so we should get to see them more this year.

Two great soccer players

Jacob started intramural soccer last week and Rebekah decided to join in this week. They both enjoyed playing today. The team is for those 10-14 years old so Jacob is on the lower end and Rebekah on the older end, but don't worry, Jacob can hold his own. They got their shirts today and took team pics.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Three Updates

Dad S. is doing much better and seems to be getting stronger each day. He is back to teaching 2 classes at the Bible college. He gets home from class then has to rest for a while. We are thankful for his recovery but continue to covet your prayers as he grows stronger and that he will take it easy during this long recovery process.

Rebekah's hand remains the same. She has developed 2 eraser sized knots, one on her ring finger and one on her index finger. They don't bother her so I am just watching them for now. She has occasional pain in the index finger. She has learned to wear a sock with the toes cut out to protect the arm donor site. She sees the surgeon in December.

Kandie's feet. My feet have been a problem for my entire life, literally. The one that had been in the boot since returning from Peru is doing great!! The right foot which has a spur in it and has been bothering me for 2 years isn't. Dr. Hoover will operate on that foot on November 19. I am actually looking forward to it since I have been walking with pain for sooooo long. I don't look forward to the long recovery. My plans for working at the hospital this furlough are looking dim with the needed surgery. I can't be on my feet for 12 hours at this point. I would like to find some type of gainful employment. I have enjoyed volunteering at our church's community center.

Thanks for praying for the Stilwell clan, it has been an interesting year for all of us.