Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Long Break

Please forgive me for taking such a long hiatus from the blog. Life has been super crazy, too crazy. But now I am back. Since I last wrote we have moved into the church parsonage. Many have asked for pictures so here they are. I had hoped to get pictures after the "remolding" but that has begun yet, so here are the before pictures.
The sitting/waiting area just outside of our living room.

Right hand door leads to the living room, left hand door to the dining room and the far left is another ladies bathroom in the church building.

Our living room which is holding a lot of extra stuff right now until we have storage area. The 2 extra boys are my nephews Mark and Mike.

Our dining room. Room is narrow but long.

The kitchen needs a lot of work. So far there are no counters and the only sink I have is what is used for washing clothes. It is the next project on the list. But, I have made it functional.

Our bathroom.

Kitchen from the other end.

Master bedroom is a really nice size. None of the bedrooms have closets...yet. There is the space for them, they just haven't been made. We have the only closet rod.

Jacob's room

Abi's room. They both painted their own rooms.

The office is also good sized. Good thing since both of our desks have to go in there.

Long hallway leading from the office past the children's bedrooms to the living room.

So there you have it. Some day I will post the after pictures.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here is a hodge podge of pictures that Rebekah and I have taken over the past few weeks. We sure are missing our Peru family and I (Kandie) am anxious to get back home. Rebekah is too, but she isn't going back to Peru any time soon.
Rebekah attended scholarship weekend at FBBC. We had the privilege of attending the chorale's spring concert and hearing our son Benjamin participate.

There were 11 Stilwells in the crowd!

The cousins at the concert

The girl cousins at the concert

David sent me some lovely Peruvian Lilies. I have the best husband.

I attended the FCS friendship banquet. This is my dear friend Mrs. Mildred Goode

Rebekah has her permit and is learning to drive.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Time in the States Feb 10-March 5

Rebekah had her final hand/arm surgery (#6)

Heading to Iowa to see Benjamin

So good to see my son again.

Cousins...Rebekah, Benjamin and Hannah

Reunion of the Ankeny Baptist group that came to Peru last July.

Benjamin in handbell practice

Goofing off in the Eagles Nest after chapel

Dressings coming off

Our dear friend and nurse Deanna

About 30 stitches to take out

Whistlestop Train Museum and Restaurant

Me in my marshmellow coat, but I am warm!

Snowblowing before the dressings came off

It is snowing hard.