Friday, February 26, 2010

Ladies camp 2010

Pastor's wives on the last day.

All of us!

Heydi, Rebekah and Clarita did a few skits and object lessons as well as did a LOT of dishes and work for the ladies. Thank you, girls.

Ladies from Victory Baptist Church

Ladies camp first to use the new swimming pool and boy did we like it!!
one side of the chapel

the other side of the chapel

Pastor's wives present at camp on Monday night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BMM Field Conference Pictures

Here are some family and group pictures from our recent annual BMM field conference. It was a great week! It just goes way too fast.
Our Fetzer teachers - Barb, Sarah, Becky and Melissa

ARRIBA! Tessha, Elizabeth, Caleb, Rochelle, Janae

Dr. and Barbara Anderson, our guest speaker

Rachel Tarvin - Cuzco

I think you know us :)

Our adult Peru MK's - Tim, Steve and David

Our Peru MK's - a lot of fun going on here!
The BMM Peru field (those who are currently here)

Becky, Rob, Jim Carlton - Lima
Steve and Molly Stilwell, Lili, Claudia, Tali and Caleb - Chimbote

Lois Hutchinson - Cuzco and Barb Perrine - Lima

Gary and Penny Whipple - Lima

Tim and Barb Whatley, Cesar, Brianna, Sonia, Caleb - Cuzco

John and Debbie Poe, Elizabeth and Olivia - Lima

Christopher, Diane and Allan Frey - Lima

Bruce and Debbie Maddox, Joshua, Josiah and John - Cuzco

Stanley and Ruth Templeton - Lima

Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell - Trujillo

A beautiful sunset to end a great week!