Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Family Get Away

Each year after the Bible college graduation we take a week to get away. We love our trip out to camp to work and to play together. This year was no different. We missed Benjamin not being with us. His beef would have helped out on some of the projects.
Putting up a bamboo mat awning over the grill area.

Leveling the ground behind the kitchen in front of the pots and pan wash sink.

Tying down the mat. Later we hung up the light under the roofing.

David and Jacob enjoyed some BB gun shooting time. They also took shots at the buzzards that are roosting in our trees at camp.

What better than a dip in the pool after a full mornings work in the hot sun?

My view from the shady spot at the pool.

We lived in the kitchen area. There is a room for the cooks where David is going in. Jacob decided to sleep on this bunk outside of the room. There is a toilet and shower in the room.

We took these along to watch.

Supper with the Pinto family one night.

Our goal for the week was to dig a sewer pipe ditch from the bathhouse to the sewer box. The tractor has a claw attachment that gave them a good start. The 3 of the back are to weigh down the claw to get a deeper cut. They still did a lot of pick and shovel work.

Jacob and Felipe

Preparing some shishkabobs.

This is what happens after you spend too much time digging!

Digging in the hot sun, lunch, pool time, shower and nap, Ah!

David gives Jacob some tractor lessons as they fill the ditch back in with dirt.

I love this one. Soon it will be just the 2 of them at home.

Best friends.

Not always best friends but they sure will miss each other.