Sunday, February 14, 2010

BMM Field Conference Pictures

Here are some family and group pictures from our recent annual BMM field conference. It was a great week! It just goes way too fast.
Our Fetzer teachers - Barb, Sarah, Becky and Melissa

ARRIBA! Tessha, Elizabeth, Caleb, Rochelle, Janae

Dr. and Barbara Anderson, our guest speaker

Rachel Tarvin - Cuzco

I think you know us :)

Our adult Peru MK's - Tim, Steve and David

Our Peru MK's - a lot of fun going on here!
The BMM Peru field (those who are currently here)

Becky, Rob, Jim Carlton - Lima
Steve and Molly Stilwell, Lili, Claudia, Tali and Caleb - Chimbote

Lois Hutchinson - Cuzco and Barb Perrine - Lima

Gary and Penny Whipple - Lima

Tim and Barb Whatley, Cesar, Brianna, Sonia, Caleb - Cuzco

John and Debbie Poe, Elizabeth and Olivia - Lima

Christopher, Diane and Allan Frey - Lima

Bruce and Debbie Maddox, Joshua, Josiah and John - Cuzco

Stanley and Ruth Templeton - Lima

Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell - Trujillo

A beautiful sunset to end a great week!

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