Friday, August 1, 2008

Dad/Grandpa Stilwell

Dear Faithful Stilwells in Peru followers. This seems to be the season for medical problems in the Stilwells clan! Yesterday we received word that David's dad had suffered a heart attack. Today we found out that he also has diabetes. We are thankful that he is doing better today although still very concerned about his condition. As you know from following Rebekah's story, medical care in Peru (Trujillo at least) is slow. With heart issues you can't act slow, they just don't know that yet! Hopefully he will be flown to Lima on Monday to undergo further testing, please pray toward that end and that he will have a restful weekend. Please pray for Mom as she takes care of him, buys medicines, etc. that she would get sufficient rest. Please pray for Jon (David's brother) as he takes care of both of them :) As a family we were in Niagra Falls when we received the call, today we all decided that we would rather be at home where we can more effectively communicate with Peru and where we could more quickly be ready to fly to Peru if needed. It is so good to know God is in control. Dad (65 years old) has always been very active and healthy so we were quite surprised with the call. Thank you for your faithful prayer for our family over the past several months. You are such a blessing to us.


Anonymous said...

Our family will be praying for your family. Thinking of you often.


Guillermo said...

Jonathan me avisó acerca de la salud de su papá, nuestra familia en Huacho estaremos orando, también los hermanos de la Obra aquí, mis padres en Lima, mi hermano en Argentina, y mis amigos(contactos email). Espero se mejore.
"el hermano Willy"
de Huacho

Jamie Hornbrook said...

We are praying here in Mexico for Steve Sr.. Anymore news on his status?