Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on Dad S.

"I'm fine as frog's hair," that is what Dad S. said yesterday. Indeed he is much better and was to be moved to a regular room today. Many questions remained unanswered and we are still hoping for a transfer to Lima to investigate what all has happened and the best treatment plan. Thank you for your prayers, our church people at Victoria have really been by mom's side and we hear it is drawing them (the congregation) even closer. The leaders in the church have stepped up to the plate and are doing the teaching and preaching. God is so good!


Manuel said...

Estamos orando por la salud del pastor Esteban y estamos al pendiente de noticias.
Dios les guarde
Manuel y Magali

Jamie Hornbrook said...

Thanks for the update. Are you still going to Stan's wedding? I trust that your father inlaw gets transferred. His skin coloring sounds different. I know that carrot juice can make you look orange. Maybe that's what they put in his IV!