Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jacob's First Day of School

Faith Christian Eagles
My baby started fourth grade today. Okay, so he probably wouldn't appreciate my calling him my baby, but, oh well, he is. He did great! It helps that his best friend is in his class and he already knows other boys from his Sunday School class. His teacher is Karen Musser, she was Rebekah's 4th grade teacher on our last furlough.

Dressed for school and ready to go

On Monday he got to go to his classroom, put his supplies in his desk and see his room.

After getting Jacob off to his classroom, Abigail took a few minutes to decorate her locker. The girls are very excited about having a locker, a new thing for homeschool kids. They can only decorate the inside of their lockers. I am sure Rebekah will do hers tomorrow.

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Jamie Hornbrook said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you guys!!!!!!! We had so much fun there at Faith Christian when we were up for furlough! Enjoy every minute of it!!!!!! Go Eagles!!!