Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on Dad/Grandpa

Yesterday Dad S. had an angioplasty done. He did well and is now recovering. They must do it quite differently than they do here since he has quite a bit of pain afterwards and has to spend 2 nights in ICU, hmmm... He has been doing his exercises twice a day and is REALLY ready to get on with life. For those of you that know him, this lying in bed stuff just isn't him! We have enjoyed getting to skype with he and mom a few times. Tonight David skyped with 2 of our deacons at Victory Baptist, they are carrying along in the absence of both of their pastors, what a blessing. They (the congregation) are concerned about dad's financial bills. We are so thankful that the home office of BMM has already taken care of their needs and insurance will pay 100% of their bills. Mom and Dad will be in Lima until the 29th of August. Please keep praying.

On the home front we enjoyed a full day of soccer and volleyball. Faith Christian invited 3 other teams to join them in a jamboree today. Benjamin got quite a bit of playing time and even scored 2 goals! He is still getting used to playing on such a large soccer field. Rebekah also became part of the varsity team today, she is working at the stats table. She is pleased to be part of the group since she really can't participate with her hand not up to par. Abigail started 7-8th grade volleyball practice this week. All 3 have games next Friday! Should be fun. I am officially a soccer mom!! :)

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Anonymous said...

gracias por mantenernos al tanto del pastor Esteban Stilwell. Un abrazo para el hermano David
"hermano Willy"
(desde Huacho)