Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Macchu Picchu

After a 2 hour train ride, we had a great breakfast at this little

restaurant before getting on the bus to go into Macchu Picchu.

Beucase of the rain, the river was very angry and muddy.

Totally awesome! You HAVE to visit Macchu Picchu. It is incredible.

We were so thankful that the rain held off until we were almost done sightseeing. The clouds were ever present as you can tell. It was chilly.

While Ben and David climbed Winupicchu with its 100's and 100's of steps,

the rest of toured the ruins.

Climbing up and up and up

Picnic lunch at about 10,000 feet. We moved slowly.
Llamas and alpacas

A lot of the trip to Abancay (where we spent the night with friends) we were beside the river. As you can tell, it was raining.

Looking down on the city of Abancay. This was one of my favorite cities.

Breathtaking beauty

Thousands of vicuñas along the way, even in the road.

Unfortunately this bus decided he needed ALL the road on the curve around the mountain. We had only been on the road for 30 minutes. Thankfully there wasn't much damage. He even had the nerve to yell at David and tell him how much room he had to get over. Yeah, we were by the ditch and the mountain.

Notice the difference in the signs. We decided to go to the right so we could save a few kilometers to get to Cuzco :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Even later in the day it was still foggy over the ocean. I love this man!

Unfortunately it was a very cloudy foggy day. David, Ben and Rebekah were disappointed.

Here Rebekah is doing well...as long as the boat was moving she was great. She discovered a bit of motion sickness when the boat was not moving forward! Like mother like daughter! Exactly why mother didn't go out to the island!

Big ol' sea lion out on the rocks.

Family Adventures

Our famiy recently took a month long vacation. We traveled from Trujillo to Lima then to Cuzco, then to Puno and then back to the coast again. It was an awesome trip. We enjoyed seeing some beautiful sites and spending time together. It was also Ben's senior trip. I want to share a portion of the pictures that we took.

Lima's water fountain park. Guiness book of world record for the largest water fountain park. It is totally awesome!