Thursday, June 21, 2007

Abigail is 11

June 19 was Abigail's 11th birthday. She was SO excited waiting anxiously for the day to come. At each meal she got to open one present. She enjoyed each gift. Since it was family night we played table games and she got to pick the games. She learned how to play pit and also chose yahtzee. For supper went to a chicken place that has a large trampoline. They took turns jumping and we played fuseball. The chicken was delicious too. On the way home we picked up the birthday cake and some ice cream. She had a great day. I am so thankful for my blue eyed "baby girl." She is a joyful daughter who is growing each day to be more like Jesus.


Ashley said...

Sounds like a great birthday!

turza said...

i love these pictures!!! give abigail a big belated birthday hug for me! hope you are are enjoying your winter while im frying up here for my second summer in a row! :)