Monday, July 30, 2007

Family "Vacation"

Since we had had 3 weeks of company, we decided it was time for us to get away as a family. One of our favorite places is camp. Camp in only an hour from here but it seems hours away from the phone, doorbell and noise. We spent our mornings working on improving the looks of the grounds and our afternoon playing games or table games. In the evenings we cooked over a wood fire and watched DVD's on the laptop. It was an enjoyable week until we became over run with these little mites/fleas/we aren't sure what they were. The plan was to stay until Saturday morning but we packed up and headed home on Friday afternoon instead. We came into Trujillo for Wednesday night service then left again on Thursday morning. Here are some shots of our weekBenjamin did a lot of sledge hammering
Everyone worked hard shoveling.

It was time for a rest break.

After having just come up from the well where he
replaced a check valve on the bottom of the windmill.
David climbed to the top of the windmill to grease the blades.


Molly said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! I like the new look of your blog! I will miss seeing you at this month's pastors' mtg. We leave for Cusco Thurs. the 9 and get back Sunday the 26th. We are flying from Lima! Yippee!! :) Take care.

Josh & Annie Hill said...

Wow! Way to put the kiddos to work! Everybody looks great! Can't wait to read more from you guys! Yes, Jacob has VERY CHUBBER CHEEKS! I can't get enough of them =)