Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deep down in the well

The piece of windmill that had to come out to be fixed. It is heavy!

Rebekah going down.

Abigail going down.

Four children down to the first level, there is a shelf there to stand or sit on.
On Tuesday we headed out to camp to work on the windmill, it hasn't been pumping water for a few weeks now. We found the broken piece and had to pull it up out of the well for it to be welded. Benjamin had to go down with his dad to help him with the pipe wrenches. After lunch the children all wanted to go down the well. How to get down you ask, simple put one foot in the bucket, hold onto the rope and be lowered down. They all did fine and were careful. They all loved the experience although Rebekah decided not to do it again. She has a hard time trusting the person letting her up and down with the crank. That person was her daddy. She had the same trouble on furlough with the climbing wall, trusting the person holding her. After working we played baseball and football.

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