Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Promised Caraz Pictures Warning...It's Long

Here are just a few of the pictures we took in Caraz. All together we took over 300 of them!
The missionary family we went to serve. We did VBS and David preached each night on the family. I enjoyed time talking with Evangelina, the wife, while we worked in the kitchen. The group included our family and 12 people for our church. Our church has the privilege of supporting this missionary family. Jose and Evangelina Cabeza with their 3 children; Priscila, Elias and Evelyn.

The view of the white mountain range was spectacular. It got quite cold at night but was sunny and warm during the day. David and the children climbed up quite a ways on this mountain. We were already at a high altitude so the climbing wasn't so easy. This is the famous Huascaran Mountain. Awesome, God is so awesome!

Rebekah and Abigail while climbing the mountain enjoyed this field of wild flowers.

This is pretty much the way they felt after climbing for a while. Benjamin was able to trek farther along although he too had to turn back due to a pounding headache and fatigue. Too much altitude and sun. Maybe too little water.

Our last day of VBS we had over 80 children! We were very pleased. The class with the oldest children (9-11 year olds) had over 40 students. The children loved VBS.

The younger class was taught by David's sister Martha.

Benjamin led the sing time each day for VBS. Lenin played the guitar for us.

David preaching on the family.
Each day we prepared a small snack for each student.

For the Sunday night service, Benjamin had the privilege of leading the singing. His first time ever, he did a fine job.

While we eat fresh fish a lot here in Trujillo, it is always salt water fish. Up in the mountains we get to enjoy eating trout. Here is the trout before being fried over a wood fire.

And the trout after...

Isn't he cute!! Like I said, it got cold. Jacob even found out how warm long johns are. This is a typical mountain hat. At least your ears stay warm!

And yes...school did go on. We took it with us.


Jamie Hornbrook said...

What a wonderful week!! The pictures are awesome! Trust you can get some rest this week!!

Troy & Sherry said...

glad you are home safely - and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Grammy said...

Hi Kandie - I responded to your post earlier this morning. It must be floating around in cyberspace. :-)The pictures were so enjoyable! Love to all. See you soon.