Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week in Lafayette

FABA - Fine Arts, Bible, Academics competition took place at Faith Christian School. This was a statewide competition between christian schools. There were tons of people participating. Faith, as usual, did a fabulous job organizing and hosting the activity. What a pleasure to be part of this church. Jacob took part in that he recited his Psalm 1 memorization and explanation of the chapter. He did an awesome job and won a superior ranking which them got him a second place ranking in his catagory. We haven't actually received the 2nd place ribbon, Rebekah told us that she was informed of his winning. He was quite nervous about 30 minutes before his recitation but watching others perform first really helped him. He was so good. Of course, I am a proud mom :)

Jacob reciting Psalm 1.

Jacob shows his blue ribbon

Earlier in the week we had the privilege of talking to the first graders about Peru. They had just finished studying Mexico and are beginning a section on Peru. We had a blast with them.


Grammy said...

Please give my congratulations to Jacob!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jacob! What an awesome wayto hide God's word in your heart.