Saturday, August 8, 2009

We made it!

Thursday at noon we left the hotel, arrived at the airport and found out that our check-in bags arrived in Lima several days before we did. We hoped they were still there and unopened (they were). At 3 PM they announced our boarding would be delayed until around 6 PM, we started many delays, missed flights, etc...what would be next. At 5 PM we began boarding, at 6 PM we actually took off. Can you say excited? The flight was awesome with free headphones to use the personal movie/game screens at our seats. The children even played Battleship against each other (all my men were in row 17, us ladies were in row 8). We landed in Lima at 12:30 AM, flew through immigrations and picked up all of our bags. We now had 26 bags in our possession (carry ons and check ins). Off to the national airline counter to recheck in the checkins. We found out that now they allow 2 bags per person since we came off an international flight, woohoo, we only had to pay for the 2 extra bags!!! What a blessing. By 2:30 we had had some chicken and were waiting at our gate for our flight to Trujillo. Jacob slept through most of the wait. By 5 AM we were on our plane flying to Trujillo. It was a blessing to get home. Several of our youth group members were at our home cooking us a breakfast of pancakes and fruit salad. Too bad we had eaten on the flights and in the airport, we weren't too hungry. It is great to be home, today we saw many of our friends and church members, lots of huggin' is going on today. Several of our bags are unpacked, the rest will wait until next week. David is at the youth meeting right now, having a great reunion I am sure. Thanks to everyone for your diligent prayers for us.
Happy people waiting in the Lima airport for the last leg of our journey.

Jacob sacked out in the airport

Beautiful sunrise over the ocean on our flight to Trujillo
Our pickup packed with some of our bags

Dad's pickup with more of our stuff

Some of those who greeted us at home with a breakfast


Mommy_of_2 said...

So glad to hear you made it home safely!

Elaine said...

So glad to hear you finally made it home. It was good to meet you at the annual meeting after having read your blog for months.

God bless you as you begin this new term there.

In Him,

Elaine A. Schulte

Mommy_of_2 said...

Thanks so much for the comment Cousin Kandie. I have had a hard time with mom being gone. God has called me back to going to church and I praise him every day. It took me a while but I realize now that it was there time to go. God has plans for all of us we just don't know what them plans are. Thanks for the Prayers!!!