Monday, November 16, 2009

Rebekah's Quinceañero (15th birthday celebration)

Here is a slide presentation of the celebration...they aren't quite organized but some of you are anxious to see the pictures. Let me know if you can't view them. For the world this time is when the girl goes from being a child to being a teenager/young adult. It is quite the worldly activity. We have modified it to being a Christ centered activity that includes a promise of purity on the part of the young lady.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah!!! She looks so pretty. :)
I am REALLY looking forward to coming in December! It's coming fast (and I'm glad!)!

Heidi said...

Happy Late Birthday, Rebekah! I loved seeing the pictures from your special celebration! You have grown into a beautiful young lady! Keep serving the Lord!

Jocelyn Wallace said...

Those pictures are priceless! What a great celebration. I love the addition of the purity ring. I think it's cool to see David as such a huge part of the day. I don't know what a normal quinceanero is like, but Rebekah's seemed so focused on God!

Kandie Stilwell said...

The quicneanero for the world is a HUGE party. The girl is no longer a child and is ready to start dating, can now wear adult women style clothes, etc. Of course there is no Christ focus and purity? Ha! Anyway, that is not what we had in mind and at our church we wanted to set an example of what a quinceanero could be like and that it can be Christ centered. Her dad did an awesome job of preaching on purity and that the church family is also responsible for making sure the single gals remain pure and that the married ladies remain faithful. Rebekah also wrote vows making a promise to grow spiritually, and to remain pure. It was a great day.

Jimmy Balos said...

Hi their!!
My name is Jimmy Balos.
I belong to HCBBC (Hills COrners Bible Baptist Church).
I am writing to you in regards to the missions trip our church is taking to Peru. their is four in my family (including myself) coming. It will be are first missions trip, and first time out of the country. so were all pretty excited about it. I do have one question to ask. will you have any fiddles (aka violins) available to play while are group is over their. and if you do how many are available to play. I guess that was actually two questions but at least they were related. I really love playing the violin and was thinking 9 to 10 days is a pretty long time to go w/out playing.
Im really looking forward to comming and seeing y'all. and if you dont have any fiddles Im sure I'll make it through some how. May God bless you for your service to him!
Jimmy Balos

Anonymous said...

Rebekah looked so pretty in her dress. I can't believe she is 15.
Love ya