Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today our life took an upheaval. Rebekah and Abigail along with 27 other ladies were involved in a bus accident on their way home from ladies camp. Can you believe it is a year already?! One year ago tonight, Rebekah was in surgery to clean out her hand and knee and explore what was left of the back of her hand. Abigail suffered a cracked collarbone and wrist. It was a very scary time in our lives. We are so thankful that God is in perfect control. Rebekah has never lost sight of His work and control during painful surgeries and therapies and separation from her daddy, brothers, and Abigail while she and I were stateside for 2 months. She has never questioned His reason for allowing the accident. She has come a long way with her hand. It appears that she only has one surgery left! She has already had 4 to repair her hand. We are very thankful for our surgeon in Indianapolis and our home church's support. We are thankful for MANY family and friends who showed so much love for us. We are thankful for Grandpa and Grandma Johnston (Kandie's parents) who were by our sides during those first 2 months. We love you all.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week in Lafayette

FABA - Fine Arts, Bible, Academics competition took place at Faith Christian School. This was a statewide competition between christian schools. There were tons of people participating. Faith, as usual, did a fabulous job organizing and hosting the activity. What a pleasure to be part of this church. Jacob took part in that he recited his Psalm 1 memorization and explanation of the chapter. He did an awesome job and won a superior ranking which them got him a second place ranking in his catagory. We haven't actually received the 2nd place ribbon, Rebekah told us that she was informed of his winning. He was quite nervous about 30 minutes before his recitation but watching others perform first really helped him. He was so good. Of course, I am a proud mom :)

Jacob reciting Psalm 1.

Jacob shows his blue ribbon

Earlier in the week we had the privilege of talking to the first graders about Peru. They had just finished studying Mexico and are beginning a section on Peru. We had a blast with them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Half Way There!!

Rebekah's arm balloon now has 90 ml in it. Her arm diameter seems to increase by a 1/4 of an inch with each inflation of 20 ml. The arm now measures 10 1/4 inches in diameter. The balloon holds a total of 155 ml (2/3 cup) of fluid. She does well with the procedures (that I do at home) and doesn't experience any pain. I have pictures of the procedure being done, the needle in her arm, etc. if anyone is interested :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Selection of Pictures for This Week

Here is a mix-match of recent pictures, enjoy!!
Ben playing the guitar at a church in Michigan

Abigail had a sleepover with Mariel and Kiersten
Jacob buried Abigail in a recent snowfall

And, Abigail buries Jacob in that same snowfall.