Monday, June 29, 2009

Drive - Set Sail - Drive - Delay...

Hello for HOT Nebraska. David is happy to be in the state of his birth, he's a cornhusker :) It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to post on my blog, I will attemp to give a brief update. On June 13 we left Lafayette for Des Moines, IA where we presented Peru in Floris, IA (it was a great but brief time) and spent the week with David's brother Jeff and his family. Ben and Rebekah enjoyed taking a module at FBBC. This was a week long course on Personal Evangelism. The credits they received will apply to their freshman year! They lived in the dorms and generally experienced college life. They both enjoyed it. Abigail celebrated her 13th birthday while we were there and I celebrated my ____ birthday :)

From there we headed toward Denver to visit our last supporting church. We were with them for a week helping with their VBS and giving the missionary emphasis each day. It was a blast! The theme was Set Sail Spread the Good News. We did some sightseeing (awesome creation) and immensly enjoyed seeing my brother Blaine and his family for one very short afternoon.

At the end of the week we began our trek back to Indiana. We stopped in Nebraska to visit Phil and Joyce Tilson. Phil and David were roommates all four years of college and each others best man. We are good friends. Phil is the director of Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp here in NE. Sunday morning when David started the van he put his foot on the brake and the pedal went all the way to the floor, uuhh oohh. We took a different vehicle to church! Long story short, the brake line is broken and there are NO parts in Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota!! The part has been ordered from Detroit and should arrive tomorrow afternoon. The Ford dealer is 30 minutes away so once David gets back with the part, gets it installed and working we will load up and head to Des Moines. We had hoped to spend all day Tuesday with them so we can say good bye to David Uncle Rick and Aunt Phyllis, cousins and Grandma. Now we will have to fly through. We want to get home by Wednesday. I am anxious to get home, we have been gone long enough!

Well, that is the scoop. When I get home I will eventually post some pictures from our trip. Next Monday is our 18th wedding anniversary! We will spend the day driving to Cleveland for the BMM annual conference. How romantic :( We are looking forward to the time with Mom and Dad Stilwell, Jon and Julie and family and MANY of our fellow Peru missionaries!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Johnston June Birthday Bash

Chris, Kandie, Dad, Abigail

Tonight we celebrated the birthdays for June in the Johnston/Stilwell family. My dad, my brother Chris, Abigail and myself all have birthdays this month. It was a very nice evening together!

Monday, June 8, 2009

She's Done!!

Rebekah has been officially released from having to see Dr. Greenberg her hand surgeon. It was a bitter sweet moment as we said good bye to him and his nurse. He does want to see Rebekah again in 3 years when she comes home for college. He believes she will need further surgery at that time (in about 3 different areas on her hand and arm). We are so thankful to God for the ways He has worked in our lives in the past year and a half. So many tiny details He took care of and the MANY ways we have been blessed. Thank you for praying for us!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun at the Indy Zoo

This bear cubs were so cute and playful.

Komodo dragons on display this year, they are huge!

Fun picture, check out Jacob's glasses!

We had fun at the zoo today and the weather was perfect! The dolphin show is always a hit but not good for picture taking :( Too bad Benjamin an Daddy weren't with us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friends and Fun

Daddy and Benjamin are gone. My sisters left today too. This morning I went to the dentist to make sure my teeth are okay before I go back to Peru. They are doing great and I don't have any more baby teeth. Mom thought that was sad, another epoca of her mommy life is over. Her children all have adult teeth now! After seeing Dr. Sakel, I picked up my friend Colin and we headed to Chucky Cheeses. I had never been there before and boy was it fun! The pizza was good and I really liked the games. Colin won WAY more tickets than I did but I think I did okay since it was my first time. Colin is going to spend the night tonight. We will be playing some great games of nerf gun and water games. Colin is a lot of fun.

Jacob and Colin

Putting the won tickets into the counting machine.