Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friends and Fun

Daddy and Benjamin are gone. My sisters left today too. This morning I went to the dentist to make sure my teeth are okay before I go back to Peru. They are doing great and I don't have any more baby teeth. Mom thought that was sad, another epoca of her mommy life is over. Her children all have adult teeth now! After seeing Dr. Sakel, I picked up my friend Colin and we headed to Chucky Cheeses. I had never been there before and boy was it fun! The pizza was good and I really liked the games. Colin won WAY more tickets than I did but I think I did okay since it was my first time. Colin is going to spend the night tonight. We will be playing some great games of nerf gun and water games. Colin is a lot of fun.

Jacob and Colin

Putting the won tickets into the counting machine.

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