Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Birds and Awards Programs

Jacob receives the Eagle Award for his classroom. The Eagle Award is for excellence in character and leadership. He also received the iniciative award and PE and music awards. We love you Mrs. Musser! Thank you for teaching Rebekah last furlough and Jacob this furlough.

Abigail and Rebekah received awards for zero demerits this year. Abigail also received awards for excellence in math and English. She was nominated for the Christian character award in 7th grade. Rebekah is thrilled for her siblings and has learned that she needs to be more involved in school activities, she plans to do that in college! Benjamin wasn't at the awards program since he is traveling to the Wilds with his dad. He received the award for excellence in chemistry! He was also nominated for the 10th grade boys Christian character award. Thanks Faith Christian for all you do, we will miss not being a part of school!

We never know what is going to bloom in the beds in front of our house!

These guys are flapping their wings now! Momma is doing a good job feeding them!!


Michelle said...

I am glad to hear your kids recieved those awards I know they dont know me very well but please tell them I said congratulations on the awards!

Jamie Hornbrook said...

Congrats to the kids!!!!!!!! How is Rebekah's hand, finger and arm doing? We haven't heard in awhile. I hope you all have a wonderful summer before heading back to Peru!!!