Friday, May 1, 2009

Brief Update

This sure has been a busy week. I (Kandie) spent several hours at our church's community center helping with some conference meals. I enjoy my work there. School for the children is winding down, we are looking forward to our time together each day and more travels. Tomorrow we head to Ankeny, Iowa to report to our supporting church there. It is also a time to see family again. The girls are especially excited about playing with their girl cousins. We will celebrate Joshua's and Benjamin's birthdays while they are together. They have always been good friends and rarely get to have their birthdays together. Joshua's is the 15th and Ben's is the 5th. Next week my first born with be 16! is the do laundry and pack for the trip day. Since we will be back on Monday night, there won't be much to take with us. We will be visiting FBBC (Faith Baptist Bible College) briefly so that our older children can see what that school is like.

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