Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dressings are off!

Here are some pictures of Rebekah's new arm, it looks fantastic. She is thrilled with the size of it compared to her right arm. Tomorrow she will start wearing scar pads to help reduce scarring. She is also doing lots of bending her wrist up and down to try to keep the tendons below the new skin from sticking (that happened with the inicial surgery). It is still tender to touch so we are gentle when massaging the scars/incisions with vitamin E. She wears an elastic glove (with the fingers tips missing) during the day to reduce swelling and the scar pads at night. She may wear the scar pad for her arm during the day just to cushion and protect it. We return to see the surgeon in 6 weeks, not until June! Her arm does look like a road map with the old scars and now the new incisions. If you look closely you will see the small slice of old graft that he was not able to cover. Rebekah can decide in June if she wants that worked on. The problem is we are running out of time before we head back to Peru. It is so small that, right now, she isn't interested in any more surgeries.


Molly said...

Yay! We are so excited for you, Bekah! It looks great!

Kristi said...

lookin' good!