Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Have a Plan

I know it has been a long time since I have updated, truly it has been busy and we have been gone.

Anyway, Rebekah has her 5th and final surgery (at least that is the plan right now) on Friday at 12:30 PM. We have to be at the hand center at 10:30. Surgery should take an hour, recovery and hour and then we are homeward bound. She was disappointed it was so late in the day since she will be very hungry by then. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. I am sure we will make a food stop on the way home:)

We don't know what the follow up details will be but Dr. Greenberg will fill us in on all of that after surgery.

Thanks to all who are taking over caring for the rest of our children on Friday. The Knolhoffs taking care of Jacob, the Boyers taking Abigail and my parents taking Benjamin.

Please pray that surgery will go well and her pain would be manageable. Since she will have 2 good sized incisions this time I expect she will have more pain. But the joy of knowing this is the last one gives her hope. She also knows that there is a slim chance there won't be enough "new" skin to cover the whole site and we will have to do the stretching, etc again, if she wants.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Abi can come over again. Guess who? :)