Friday, April 10, 2009

Surgery Number 5

Today the surgeon used the new skin we have stretched over several weeks to close over the graft donor site on Rebekah's forearm. He also pulled the graft site on her hand tight (he actually removed 1 inch of extra skin), sewed it down so that the back of her hand should look more normal, less puffy. The whole surgery took a total of 40 minutes! Longer to drive to Indy than the actual procedure. She will have the dressing on for 10 days. He was not able to cut out and cover the site on her forearm. He was lacking less than 1 inch of "new skin". He said he could finish that up in a couple of months if she wants it to be done. Please pray for her tonight and tomorrow, once the nerve block wears off she will be in pain.

Enjoy your Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Pray that many Peruvians will see their need of accepting the free gift of salvation, not through works but by faith.

Pre-op - surgery #5

Post op - a sleepy daddy's girl and another big dressing

At home relaxing


Anonymous said...

Who is Bekah mad at. Something must not be going her way. Great to see she is recovering fast:)

Elaine said...

You asked that we pray that Peruvians see their need of Christ. My missionary colleagues, Larry and Sallie Fogle, have been ministering in Peru for the past several weeks. Don't know if they've been in the area where you minister or not. I know they were to be with Tim and Barb Whatley and family part of the time. I trust there were those who saw their need of Christ.