Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missions Trip

Yes, missionaries take missions trips! Last week our family took a missions trip to camp. There we were involved in a Bible school and a family conference. It was a great week. Here is a peek into what each family member did during the week. We began the week with 5 seminary students joining our team and one member from Victoria. Thanks to Samuel and Fiorella, LucĂ­a, Jemima, Diana, and Nestor for their work at the Bible school and family conference.

David was the game director for the Bible school held in the afternoons, the kids had a blast! He was preacher for the family conference in the evenings. He spent his mornings getting certificates made, handouts ready, power point prepared, etc...

Kandie was the cook. We had anywhere from 18 to 30 people for meals. I am thankful for Martha, the camp caretaker/pastor's wife, who helped me. I also enjoyed preparing the snack for the Bible school kids. In the evenings I was involved in different special music numbers. On Saturday I had the privilege of teaching the church ladies how to make pancakes. It was fun!

Ben was the guitar player for the week. He also team taught the 6-8 year old class. He goes out to camp every weekend and teaches a Sunday school class. It is neat to see his students run up to him and give him a big hug.

Rebekah helped with the 3-5 year olds, helped with the snack preparation, helped with nursery during the evening services. She had one little deaf-mute girl who was her buddy all week.

Abigail helped with the 3-5 year olds also. She helped with special music and refreshments. She was a big help during the week, working wherever she was needed. She and Rebekah did a lot of dish washing this week.

Jacob was a student during Bible school. He did whatever was asked of him in the evening services and enjoyed playing with the other children. He was a big help to a deaf/mute boy, the brother to the little girl that was attached to Rebekah.

On Saturday the youth from Victoria joined us, here is our whole group.

and...in the mornings we did homeschool. Being able to make trips with daddy to do missions work in one great advantage of homeschooling.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed looking at the photos. It's great to be able to see people and places I know.
Heather Prenkert