Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spring in Trujillo

Being south of the equator means that our seasons are just opposite of that of our friends and family in the USA. You are beginning to enjoy fall colors (which we miss terribly), and we are starting to see a bit more sunshine each day. It is still pretty chilly and the majority of the time the sky is overcast. Last week David and Rebekah took a missions trip to the Lima area. They had a very busy week of teaching and evangelism. David spoke many times on the topic of the family. Rebekah had the opportunity to lead 2 ladies meetings while the 4th year (Bible college) gal gave the devotional. At home we are plugging away at school. Ben is adjusting to college and continues to look for either a better paying job or one to supplement his on campus job. We are thankful that his body has adjusted to the food in the USA.

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