Saturday, February 25, 2012

BMM retreat 2012

The first week of February was our annual BMM ministry team meetings. In the mornings we have a lesson then several hours of business meetings. While the adults are in their meetings, the kids are enjoying VBS. Their theme this year was cars and racing. The FMCA teachers did an exceptional job with our children. The kids LOVED it!

During the week, our coworker Beth Rojas went into premature labor. She was 6 1/2 months along. In order to save her life, the doctor had to do an immediate c-section. Samuel Jr. did not survive long. Many tears were shed this week. We had a small funeral servcie and burial. We continue to pray for the Rojas family as they recover, grieve and minister in the Urubamba region.

In our afternoons we played family games, swam and just relaxed together. We love our annual field conference. It looks like next year ALL of our BMM team members will be on the field. That will be totally awesome!

Stan and Ruth Templeton

Bruce Burkeholder our speaker. God laid on his heart to speak from us from the book of Psalms this week. God knew we would need the comfort from His word.

Rebekah Bursell our newest team member. She is a full time FMCA teacher.

Gary and Penny Whipple

Jim and Alethia Lossing

David and Kandie and clan

The single gals

FMCA teachers

Lydia - a short-termer in Urubamba

Jon and Julie and clan

Samuel (and Beth) Rojas and family. Beth was in the hospital still.

Lois Hutchinson

Tim and Barb Whatley and crew

Ken and Sharon Loveall and clan

The girlies

The boys

The gangs all here. Except for Evelyn Stilwell and Diane Frey, they were at the hospital keeping Beth company

Honoring Stephen and Evelyn for their 40 years on ministry in Peru

Such a tiny little casket.

The funeral service
One very happy girl seeing her mommy after a fews days. I think that mommy is pretty happy too!

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