Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recent Events

During the past few weeks we have been very busy. A medical campaign at the new church plant, an activity on the 30th at camp with our fellowship of churches followed by a seminary retreat. Here are the pictures of the medical campaign. We saw 147 people in 5 hours. Three dentists, one pediatrician and one general medicine. We really needed another pediatrician.
No running water means that you take your own water to water down the dirt and sand. Plus it is a good science lesson on siphoning the water from the bucket.

This silly boy has a net on his head. He was quite a character. He is wearing a shirt from David's favorite soccer team.

The kids really loved the ARRIBA students.

Eli serving lunch to all of the hungry workers.

Weighing those chunky babies
If Rebekah wasn't with the dentist then she was in triage taking temperatures.

My "daughter" Margot helping the pediatrician

Rebekah had the opportunity to help out the dentists. She enjoyed it.

Martha witnessing
Daniel, one of ourARRIBA students listening in on an evangelism time.

Lots of free medicine

Everybody went through triage first. I saw everyone. B/P for the adults, temps and weights for the children. Their information was taken here also. After triage each person went to the next room where they were given the plan of salvation, then they saw their doctor.

Isn't this chunker a cutie!

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