Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Week of Ministry

Yesterday we returned home from a week of ministry in northern Peru. The village Curumuy is in the state of Piura. We were out in the country. We arrived on Monday evening and got settled in for the night. Since we were in Piura with the heat, there are always mosquitos. I am thankful for the person who invented mosquito nets. They also help to protect you from other critters...like mice. Remember, we are out in the country. In the back yard there were the customary ducks, roosters, hens, cat. You get the picture. There is no running water yet so all of our water came from a canal that runs parallel to the street. They have rigged up a hose system so that not everyone has to drag water to their homes in buckets. And since there is no running water that means you have an outhouse. That was not my favorite part of the week :)

On Tuesday we got to see the land. Most of the men are farmers. They farm rice, mangoes, bananas, beans, lemons, oranges...talk about mosquitoes out there with those wet fields. That was really cool to see up close. Tuesday and Wednesday nights David preached on end times. Each time David preached, my children had classes with the church kids. David preached 2 messages each night.

On Wednesday we visited some church folks to encourage them and had church again that night.

On Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday's preaching was on the family. This is David's passion and his forte. Many of the members commented that they had never heard teaching on the family. We pray that they will be doers of what they have heard.

On Friday we did some sightseeing in the tourist place of Catacaos. A nifty town. David bought me some souvenirs too. We had lunch at a nice restaurant. While the food tasted okay it didn't end up being okay. 8 out of 9 of us got sice (we all ate the same food). Rebekah was the only one who escaped. Jacob was really sick with vomiting for 24 hours.

Saturday the teens and David headed to another city called Sullana where they participated in a large jovenes meeting. About 250 youth attended. David preached the same message twice since the teens rotated through.

Sunday, our last day. David taught on modesty in the morning and then another message at night followed by a social time.

The pastor's son, Esteban. He just turned 3. He was pretty excited to get to go to the fields.

Pastor Gudiar fertilizing his rice field.

Abigail with a mango tree.

All of the gang.

My souvenir a plate with bowls for creams, hot sauces, mayo etc...

This hen came home with us. We are fattening her up.

We came home with hundreds of bananas (obviously not ripe yet), lots of rice, passion fruit, and lemons

This was our bathroom. Rustic but clean. I am so thankful for my indoor plumbing.

The backyard

The front of the house where we stayed with the family we stayed with. The man in yellow is the pastor. He and his family live in another house.

We love the feet on this lizard. He is on one of the church windows.

Back from the fields with lots of bananas.

Sunday morning after church.

One of the villages on our way to Curumuy had to go to a watering station to fill up with water for there homes.

This is similar to an iguana. The boys (and David) had a good time trying to hit it with their slingshots. They never did.

One way to get your pig to market.

Object lesson during kid's club on Thursday.

Children's class

Amazing picture of a hummingbird. Thanks Jacob

This toad was in the bathroom every night.

Bathing in the canal.

This is the pastor's home.

My first and hopefully last time bathing in the canal. It sure did feel good though on those hot days. After this time I just poured water over me to "shower"

Abigail's commercial for orange juice

We brought home 4 of these plus

In the trees getting eaten alive by the sceeters.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bible College Retreat

Thursday night through Saturday morning was a Bible college retreat out at camp. It was a good time of learning and playing with the students.