Wednesday, May 30, 2007

David's Missions Trip

On Monday David returned from a week long missions trip to the city of Caraz. He went with some of our church family. They had a great week. During the afternoons they had VBS. They planned for 65 children but on Wednesday they had 97! In the evenings, he preached a series on the Family. On Saturday they organized the first fellowship of churches in that area. It was very hot during the day but very cold at night. They were at 4,000 ft above sea level. On they way home they were delayed 3 hours by a landslide that closed the narrow, dirt road. They had to wait while a small tractor opened up the road. By this time, as you will see, it was pure mud.
David poses for a pic in front of Mount HuascarĂ¡n.
View from the city of Caraz. Isn't it beautiful? Hot during the day, cold at night.
The missionary family our church supports and the ones they went to help.
Sunset on the snow capped mountains.
This is the most narrow part of the trip. Pretty narrow!
Waiting for the road to be cleared from a mudslide.


Mom and Grandma said...

Beautiful views. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It's always a joy to see our son-in-law.

laurie d said...

Hey Kandie and David!

We love your blog! We're thrilled to actually be able to see what's happening down there. The pictures are wonderful. We love and miss you very much!

Mark, Laurie, and kids