Friday, May 18, 2007

Guest in our Backyard

Last evening we found this spider in our Rose of Sharon bush in the backyard. It spins a unique web and is huge! The encyclopedia calls it a yellow garden spider. Poisonous or not? We weren't about to find out. Most of the spiders we find get fed to the scorpion we have here in a covered paint bucket, but this one was given to one of the male seminary students who thought it was great. He can have it! The lego piece gives you an idea of just how big it was. Thankfully we rarely find spiders of this size. Please let me know if you read our blog. I am curious as to if anybody is checking it any more. Thanks!


Steve & Molly said...

We read it! :)

TheGreatWakko said...

Still here!

Betty 'Rie said...

Hey Kandie! Just checking up on some of the posts I've missed and came across this one--this IS a garden spider, and no, it is not poisonous, at least to you (beware some bug that gets caught in its web), but it is known for its intriquite web. How do I know? Because I also found one, and took its picture, just like yours!!! I sent the picture to a friend I have who knows insects, and he diagnosed the common garden spider. He's quite pretty, though, isn't he?