Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tarma City

Now for the rest of the story...While in Tarma we were involved in many different activities. David preached every day on the radio covering the 4 rules of communication. He preached every night, taught at the leader's and men's meetings, gave the devotional at the baptismal service and taught 2 Sunday school hours. Kandie taught at the ladies' meeting and gave her testimony on the radio (one radio time was enough for me). We all (including the children) were involved in special music. Since it was so cold we purchased ponchos and 3 of the children also purchased the typical mountain hat called a "chuyo" (chooyo with a long o at the end). I personally wouldn't be caught dead in one. Benjamin was also in charge of the powerpoint for his dad since the church doesn't have a remote control for theirs. We are now wondering where our next adventure will be...the United States in July 2008!
To see more pictures of our Tarma trip, please check out this site:

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