Thursday, October 4, 2007


Rebekah and Abigail( carried the bride's train)
with Jack and Fanny at their wedding
Wednesday morning a young man in our church was killed in a car accident. He worked as a minerals engineer in one of the mines in southern Peru. He and several other company employees were on their way to Lima and then on to see their families. At 8:30 AM, a large truck with rolls of paper crossed the center line killing 9 of the men and injuring 14. Jack was only 26 years old and leaves behind a new wife. They had been married a year in June. His family also faithfully attends our church. David had the privilege of marrying them last year. Their names are Jack and Fanny BriceƱo.

As of right now his dad and brother are on their way to the city of Ica (where the accident took place) to bring the body back to Trujillo for the viewing and funeral. Since they don't embalm the body here, things have to go quickly. Ica is about 11 hours drive from here. They flew down, hopefully they can fly back with his body.

Here are our prayer requests:1. That God would be glorified through Jack's death. We know he is in the presence of his heavenly Father.
2. That the wife and family would be comforted.
3. That our church would rally around this couple and meet their needs. We are prepared to do that, but we would like this to draw us even closer together.
4. That David would have wisdom through all of this. His schedule, for the first time in months was open this week, the Lord knew he would need a lot of available time . Also this is his first time in a death situation like this. Since he married them, it is going to be harder. 5. That the unsaved world would see our hope, that one day we have the hope of seeing Jack again.

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Molly said...

Praying for you guys and for Jack's family. Love ya.