Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yesterday afternoon David went out to the Briceno house (Jack's parents) where he met with Fanny's nephew. Fanny is Jack's wife. Irvin is an 11 year old who was interested in hearing about how to be saved. Praise the Lord he was saved yesterday. We are rejoicing big time in this house, seeing how God is already using Jack's death in the lives of many. At least 100 people heard the salvation message on Friday night at the viewing and Saturday at the burial. Jack and Fanny's family members were in church on Sunday. All of Jack's immediate family is saved but none of Fanny's. David gave a strong salvation message at the end of his message on the Doctrine of Man and how God has marvelously created the human being.

Rejoice with us!

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Molly said...

How exciting! Rejoicing with y'all!