Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baptist Mid-Missions Field Conference

We played games, swam in the pool, played table games and had lots of fun!

We visited the snack shop and visited with each other.
We had great music and enjoyed singing many hymns, in English! This mother daughter team sang for us for their last time as the daughter will be graduating from high school and heading to college in the states. We will miss their duos.

We said good bye. Bob and Betty Whatley will be retiring from missions in Peru. They have served here for 50 years! May we be so faithful. When Bob read their annual report he cried, we cried with him. It is hard for them to leave the field with so much yet to be done. Betty's health isn't the greatest and it is time to take her home to the USA. They will be missed.

We worshipped. Maynard Belt and his wife Ann were our speakers. Pastor Maynard refreshed our souls and was a great encouragement to us. He has written a lot of poems on different passages of scriptures, fantastic work. He challenged us from the book of Philemon.

BMM Peru 2008. Three families are missing, 2 on furlough and one was sick. This pic includes the ARRIBA students and Fetzer teachers.

We took family pictures. Here is the link to our picassa web site

We had VBS, well actually the missionary kids did. The theme was Rescue Zone. They had a great time. The children have VBS while their parents are in the business sessions. Where would you rather be? :)


Goodman's said...


I thought I would leave you a note and let you know I check your blog often. It is amazing to see all your kids and how much they are growing. I remember when I first met you when working at Twin Lakes camp. I believe at that time you had Benjamin and were pregnant with your second??

I had an opportunity to serve with your mom and dad yesterday at the conference registration. Your mom was all excited about being able to show the most recent pictures she has of your kids to myself and Pam Griese. It is very obvious they are looking forward to your being home soon.

Also, I was able to share some good news with them. I am pregnant with my first little one. I am due on August 24. You dad asked if he could tell you, and of course I said yes. So, if he hasn't act surprised. He of course was his typical self and found every possible way to pester me the entire time we were serving. Of course you know him well and that probably does not surprise you.

It appears you are enjoying your camp seasons. I enjoy hearing about all you are doing. I look forward to seeing you all again when you return.

Alicia (Fleener) Goodman

G-Knee said...

Kandie! It was soo good to hear your father-in-law speak at church on Sunday! He got a lot said in that 45 minute session...LOVED it. It definitely helps with praying for you all. Can't wait to see you when you get back to the states...