Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Bye to Trujillo

After many days of packing, packing, packing we are ready to hit the road to Lima. Tomorrow morning we plan to make the 8 hour drive to Lima where we will attend the Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy (FMCA) graduation exercises. Saturday morning we will also attend the 25th anniversary celebration of the school. David is the first graduate of the high school so we thought it would be nice to attend. His dad helped with the beginnings of the school and construction. We homeschool under FMCA. On Monday and Tuesday we plan to do some sightseeing and then on Wednesday night we fly out to the USA. We will see how much sightseeing we get done. Last night at church we were playing a game (the church had a good bye social included in the service) when I felt something snap (like a rubber band breaking) inside my left heel. The pain was immediate and excrutiating. I have had significant swelling and discomfort. I spent most of the day on the second floor working on our suitcases and giving directions. This is not what I had planned for my day and am so thankful for older children who are willing to help out doing whatever needs to be done. We were able to buy some crutches to have in Lima and possibly on the way to Lafayette. Oh my, sigh... Anyway, it is somewhat better but I still can't walk on it. Hence, we may not get much walking about Lima accomplished. Tonight we had supper with my in laws and Jon and Julie's family. It was an early birthday dinner for Dad S., he will be 65 on Sunday!! David is now at his last deacons/leaders meeting making sure everything is turned over and ready for the next year. We are anxious to see many of you very soon.

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