Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Last Saturday in Trujillo

Today we spent our last Saturday in our city. Actually we were invited by another family to go with them to a restaurant/park place out in the country (about 30 minutes from here up into the mountains a bit). It was a great time. They have one daughter, younger than Jacob. We had guinea pig and trout for lunch and then played some games. While I was kind of stressed about leaving my packing and busyness, it was refreshing and fun. We needed the break! While it was drizzling and cool here at home, up at the park it was sunny and hot. Nice!! We will be in Lafayette in 12 days, 2 days after my brother and sister in law, Steve and Molly arrive. Look out Lafayette, here come the Stilwells :) There will soon be an invasion of 12 of us!

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The Goodman's said...

Looking forward to your invasion. We will be praying your packing gets finished and your travels go well.