Friday, July 11, 2008

Boot, Sprinklers and Pools

I was able to see the foot doctor who believes I did break some type of tissue in my foot. I am currently wearing a boot to keep my foot in a neutral position. I will wear the boot continuously for 3 weeks then begin weaning off of it. Right now when I take the boot off I can walk a little while without pain which is a good sign. I can walk all I want in the boot and not have any pain either. I am happy with the progress.

We are enjoying the summer time here. It gets dark so late that the children go to bed while it is still light, that is an adjustment for them :) They enjoy playing in the sprinkler and we have gone swimming once. They have had their physicals with the pediatrician and are doing well.
David has been working on getting our laptop up and running and also putting together our presentation to show in our churches. He is also contacting the pastors of our supporting churches and getting ready for our trips.


seminarystudentpa said...

yeah, kandie. you just really liked caleb's boot and had to have one of your own. :) glad to know you're having progress w/your foot.

Jamie Hornbrook said...

Great to see pics of you all!!! Hope you are enjoying everything about Indiana!!!!!!!!!! Does Molly not have internet at the Bethany House? Sure great to see you!!

Kristi said...

Gee, I had forgotten about your foot!! Glad you're able to get around, though!!