Monday, July 7, 2008


Today Rebekah saw the surgeon. He was VERY pleased with her progess. We saw the therapist this morning to get some measurements done. She has a lot more flexion than she did in April. Dr. Greenberg wants to give her 6 more months of healing before he does anything else. Time to allow the scars to dissolve a bit more and hopefully some of the puffiness in the back of her hand to go down. In December he will look at her and decide about scar surgeries and if he needs to liposuction her hand graft. So for now no therapy, no surgery, no limitations. He even said she could play volleyball. He said if it hurts, don't do it. Simple enough. It was nice that daddy got to meet the surgeon today too. The surgeon also told us that when she stops growing (she commented that that was now since she hasn't even started :)) she would do some bone implants on her index finger to lengthen it and hopefully straighten it out. So, we have several years of surgeries ahead of us. She is okay with the treatment plan. She would like to have it over and done with but understands the reasons for the waiting. Thank you for your continued prayers. We gave Ann, Dr. Greenberg and his nurse llama fur rugs from Peru. They were thrilled.

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Kristi said...

I'm sure that they were all excited to see you guys! When do you start work - can you believe it - I like working in the ER here!?