Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Many of you know of and have been praying about our issues with Rebekah's medical bills. Our insurance company had refused to pay for Rebekah's January surgery saying that it was cosmetic and not covered in our plan. Needless to say we were shocked. Cosmetic? Anyway, Rebekah's surgeon wrote a letter to the company explaining what he did and why. Early in July all this information went back to the medical evaluation committee. Rebekah has been saddened over the fact that we may have to pay a large amount of money (somehow or another). She is a young lady that is very careful with her money and it is difficult for her to just spend it. She didn't want us to have to spend money either. She also is aware that God allows all this to happen and we tried not to talk about the matter too much in her presence. Any we received an email from the insurance company stating that they were paying all but $80 of the $14,900+ we owed to the hospital in Indianapolis! At our house there was some serious shouting goin' on! Rebekah is thrilled and once again we see God's love and care for us. Thank you for praying with us in this matter. What a great God we serve. Of course, He would still be a great God even if He didn't answer our prayers in this way!

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