Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our lives as of late...part I

Once the school year ends for the Bible college we, as a family, take our annual trek to camp and spend a few days as a family. We need this time to regroup and enjoy each others company. We play lots of games together and do some physical work together too. This year we worked on digging the drainage ditch for the pipe to drain the baby pool. It was hot work and I personally did not last long. We were sad to have to end our few days and come home. I was also sad to think this is our last family getaway at camp with Benjamin.
We enjoyed grilling out for our suppers. Love this new grilling area!

On Thursday Jon and Julie and all the cousins came out to spend the day with us. Here David, Jon, Benjamin are helping David's dad. They needed to get 2 power cables back up on the pole after a dump truck lifted his back end and pulled them down. So, they put 4 scaffolding units together, secured them with wire, climbed up and began pulling the cables.

Here is picture so you can see how high up they were.
When the job was done they had to get the scaffolding down somehow so Grandpa lifted Benjamin up on the bucket of the tractor and little by little he held the scaffolding while Grandpa lowered him. His uncles were on the ground giving support. Then they took the scaffolding apart and stored it away. Yep, mom was doing some praying for safety during the project :)

We helped grandpa mow the new grass on the volleyball court, it is so awesome!

We played games.

We enjoyed just kicking back. We also slept in our tent. Love the tent, airflow and no bugs!

Benjamin shot this critter with a BB gun.
Pretty good size, huh!

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Sheridan Fox said...

awesome, and the wall look's good. I'm glad that the grass grew for the volleyball courts. And the grill came out nice.