Saturday, December 4, 2010

Year End Recital at the Bible College

At the end of each academic school year, the Bible college has their recital involving the students who are in the music program and other students who participate in music. Some of the professors are also involved. There are some students who are multi-talented in music. The music majors are required to learn the piano as well as at least one other instrument. They also learn song leading and voice. It is so neat to see the students improve each year. David Alayo is the leader of the music program. He is also a good friend and Benjamin's music mentor. We are thankful for his ministry. He is also studying for his degree in theology.

This is a picture of Benjamin and Samuel, they are part of the traveling choir, they are very good. Ben and Samuel sing tenor. Samuel and his wife will graduate this year and are members of our church. Samuel is our church's choir director and is in charge of our music program. He and been are good friends. I am thankful for his influence in Ben's life.

Ben playing the keyboard in the mini orchestra. His French horn is broken so he played his part using the French horn setting on the keyboard. There were several violing and flutes as well as one clarinet.

These are the beginning flute students with their teacher (on the right).

Another picture of the orchestra

This surprised me. I had no idea Ben was participating in this woodwind group. It was very good.

David and Ben in their duet. Ben is quite a bit taller than his dad.

This guitar ensemble was very good. The flute in the group really added to the song. This one was my favorite.

This is a group of 1st and 2nd year students. They are pretty good and will only get better as they continue to study.

The evening ended with a devotional from Psalms 149-150 on the What, Where, How, With what and For Whom is Biblical music.

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