Saturday, November 10, 2012

David's birthday always falls during the seminary anniversary. This year he celebrated his birthday with the men from church, with his family, with his church family and with the youth group. That is a lot of partying in one week.  Here is just a glimpse of it.
With a few of the church men. This was a total surprise for David. We were supposed to go to a service at the Bible college but they came and took him away instead.

The birthday candle was more like a stick of dynamite! Birthday social after the Wednesday evening service.

Lunch at one of our favorite seafood restaurants. This is Martha's plate. So pretty.

Of course the birthday boy gets to eat his favorite food...ceviche!
The family

Birthday party with the youth group.

No birthday party is complete without the piƱata. This has his favorite soccer team on it.

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