Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seminary Banquet and the Graduates

The seminary banquet meal was once again this year prepared by the graduating class. Let me tell you it is a TON of work but a lot of fun. We thought we were preparing for 400 people but it ended up being 530. Yes, we did know about the extra 130 people. It all worked out great. Here are a few shots of the night. I never did make it out of the dining room and into the banquet hall to see all the guests dressed up in their best duds.
Chopping, chopping, chopping
Clara cooking the noodles for the appetizer

Yensi and Rosalinda...getting married in December

Two of our married lady students.

Tons of potatoes that have been boiled whole, then have to be peeled and sliced

I can't even describe how many huge pots of rice we made

Plate after plate of the pasta salad appetizer

ElĂ­ (in red) was the organizer that led us in the preparation and serving. He is very big on pretty presentations. Here the rice is being pressed into a cup to make a nice presentation on the plate

Helping plate food and then they will be serving the tables

Three pretty waitresses who volunteered to help. They had a blast.

Can you say chicken? We grilled up plenty of it.
A look at the room
Here is the final plating
I am plating salad

David and Luis. David and I are the class advisors. Luis is the class president.
Etelvina and Pool (getting married in February). Rosalinda and Yensi (in December)

Tired but not done yet.

Since it is her last Seminary banquet, Rebekah attended the banquet. Here she is with some of her friends.

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