Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Foot to Stand On

For those of you that follow us, you know that I have an ongoing saga with my feet. My feet were not shaped right at birth. During my early childhood years I wore corrective casts, braces, etc. but to no avail. In 4th grade they did corrective surgery to straighten my left foot. The right foot needed to be done but the surgery was so painful that I refused to have it done. I have had various injuries and problems over the years. Over the past 2 years I have had pain in my right heel and arch. I have very high arches as well. Finally after various steroid injections, corrective boots, ice, etc. I, yesterday, had plantar fascitis surgery. I am so excited to be able, hopefully, walk without pain. I am on crutches for 2 weeks then back in the boot for another 2 weeks. I may have the other foot done before we go back to Peru in July since it also is bothering me. The bummer of it all is that I can't be in the kitchen working on Thanksgiving goodies.