Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rebekah's 14th Birthday

Happy Birthday Rebekah Jo! We love you!!
Rebekah and her Grandma Johnston

Wow, it has been quite a long year for Rebekah and she is looking forward to a new year. It is hard to believe she is 14 today. It was definitely a different birthday for her. At school signs were put up all over the place (it had a picture on it from when she was 3), she received balloons during her study hall (from her mom), they sang to her at lunch, and everywhere she went someone was telling her happy birthday. Pretty cool, I think! After school we went to the community center and swam then headed to Subway, her favorite restaurant, for supper. After supper we headed back to the school for the Marroon and Gold games where the men teachers played the varsity guys basketball team, the lady teachers played the varsity girls. Other teachers were cheerleaders while the real cheerleaders were also present. Since Steve and Molly and the cousins joined us that made the time extra special. The girls spent a lot of time running on the walk/run tract up above the basketball court. After the games we headed out for ice cream. We closed that place down! Then, we took Rebekah and Abigail to Uncle Steve's house where they had a sleep over with their cousins. It was a full, great day for her. She received nice gifts, more grown up gifts too. She is a wonderful daughter who loves her Lord very much. Please continue to pray for her, she sees the hand surgeon again on December 1 when a plan for surgeries will be made. She is ready to have her hand look as normal as possible again. Oh, her nickname at school is...JH or Jelly Hand. Now don't be shocked. One friend asked her why the graft side was so squishy and she told him it was filled with blueberry jelly, hence jelly hand which has been shortened to JH. Soon that JH should be going away.
Krispy Kremes donuts for breakfast

Her birthday balloons

My beautiful girl
The new FCS cheerleaders

Rebekah, Abigail, and Lili with the Eagle

Ice Cream, yes, even when it is COLD outside

Ben and Tali are always hangin' together. Here she confiscated his fruit drink :)
Even Caleb woke up for ice cream!

Jacob doesn't usually hang with the girls :)

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